Whitney Bedford // Carrie Secrist Gallery - VASIA RIGOU
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Whitney Bedford // Carrie Secrist Gallery

About This Project


Whitney Bedford’s work is a journey into the dystopian world of unexplored or suppressed emotions. Her paintings –smooth surfaces blending with furious brush strokes– create greatly autobiographical narratives of different textures and compositions, and her exquisite perception of color –intense reds, violets and blacks– adds to the seductive atmosphere of shimmering moonlight skies, ships amidst stormy seascapes, icebergs and glaring volcanic eruptions. Distinct horizon lines prove that balance can be established even in the lack thereof. Providing distance among physical space, thought and emotion, the Los Angeles-based artist, makes reality appear as enigmatic imagery, masterfully weaving the raging elements of nature with the power of the subliminal.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)